Update on Insurance Benefits

ZoomCare did me a solid by processing SOME credentialing paperwork. However, they contracted me to work at specifically only their locations, despite the fact that I put my office at White Orchid West down as my primary place of operations. 

While this is more or less of an annoyance, it's not stopping my billing expert and I from moving forward with "finishing up" the credentialing process that was started. This means it may take a little longer to see some insurance plans, as we are in the waiting period prior to acceptance into these networks, but at this point in time I encourage anyone wanting regular massage therapy to email me their benefits (a photo of your insurance card works great) and their DOB. This way we can check your massage coverage, and send you back information regarding how many visits you're permitted within the year, and what your co-pay may be.

I also want to encourage everyone to check with their insurance companies about whether they are willing to reimburse you for massage therapy you receive, in the meantime. It's not unusual for them to say yes!

At this point, I'm ready to begin seeing patients with BCBS (Blue Cross Blue Shield), and any work comp or motor vehicle accident claims. 

Katie Greiner